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The Muslim Runner and other regulars

Some time ago, I talked about the regulars I meet in my morning runs, and how it compares to regulars in a pub. Well, like with pubs, I don’t go to just one and I meet other regulars on my other everyday route: the one I do rollerblading (yes, I’m unfaithful to running). Unfortunately, on this […]

Rollerblade morning commute

I feel lazy this week, so I’ll just show you a video I made last year. I’ve already mentioned that I sometimes go to work on rollerblades (less and less, since I run more and more). So I asked Draculito to lend me his GoPro and here’s the result: I think this is a pretty […]

Sunrises are underrated

You know that during the week, I usually run in the morning (that’s when I cross paths with other regulars). This means that since November, I’ve been running during night time three times a week. Although, I kinda like the eerie atmosphere and the uncanny feeling of owning the city, running in the dark becomes gruelling […]

The Polite Runner and other regulars

Streets are like pubs, when you visit them often enough, you become a regular. In both cases, it’s a bit scary and worrying for your health (if you run that much you should start worrying for your mental health). And being a regular yourself, you start knowing the other regulars. Most mornings of week days, […]

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