Not so long ago, I had a photo shooting session with a professional photographer and I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed. First of all, the pictures were taken in Greenwich Park, which is my favourite running place. But she also managed to make it look like I’m not ugly, and that’s quite a feat! Well, she couldn’t change my flawed running form (bloody arms, I need to make them have a nice 90° angle) but that’s my own freaking fault.

In any case, I recommend you use Anaïs Photography for all you photo needs (corporate, events, advertising, weddings, pregnancy, engagement, etc). She’s available in the Northern Hemisphere (France and UK) in the summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere (Fiji and New Zealand) in the winter, even though technically it’s summer too – yes, she is cunning and manages to live in summer for the whole year.

French Bloke Runs by Anaïs Photography

French Bloke Runs in Greenwich Photo by Anaïs Photography (All rights reserved)