Here are a bunch of blogs & sites I read or often refer to:

  • Running Free: that’s Lanky Pole‘s travel blog. One thing you need to know: he only travels for running. Wacko.
  • DC Rainmaker: this American dude is THE gear geek. You’ll find great detailed reviews on most running watches, action cams, shoes, etc. And he lives in France, which makes me like him even more.
  • Runner’s world: that’s where I find my next race.
  • Running Heroes: Get rewards for running, and in the close future, find running pals to train with at your level.

My Gear


I try to move my running towards minimalistic running, so if you’re not into it and if you’re not a mid-foot striker don’t buy these shoes, as they will hurt you. Otherwise, clickety-click on these links and buy, it’ll help me make an extra quid on the side!

Merrell Bare Access 4
(I have this one in Red / Molten Lava – Review upcoming)

Merrell Road Glove 2, Men’s Running Shoes
(I actually run with the Road Glove 3, but I can’t seem to find it anymore – Review upcoming)


My favourite running shirts are those made by Tribesports. They’re really REALLY comfortable & breathable, they don’t chafe on my nipples, they don’t change me into a giant advert for Nike or Adidas, and you can wear them even if you’re a heel-striker. I love them. Off you go, click and buy! I need this extra quid for my next pair of FiveFingers.

For the summer

Men’s Short Sleeve Running Top Women’s Short Sleeve Running Top

For the winter

Men’s Half-Zip Running Top Women’s Half-Zip Running Top

And during the winter, I protect my neck, ears and stuff with a buff:

Buff Multi Functional Head Wear



I won’t try and sell you an MP3 player, a Smartphone or some bluetooth headphones. Even though I love music, I run without it.  The only piece of tech I’m running with is this watch, and I strongly recommend it:

Garmin Forerunner 225 GPS Running Watch with Wrist Based Heart Rate

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