Welcome to my blog. It is called French Bloke Runs because I’m French, I’m a bloke, and I run. Does it make sense?

If you want to:

  • read stories about running
  • read stories about runners
  • learn how to run while staying injury-free
  • stay motivated and improve your running
  • read silly reviews (and the occasional serious review)
  • but mostly if you just want to have a laugh

Well, then you’re in the right place!

French Bloke runs in Greenwich

French Bloke runs in Greenwich (credits: Anaïs Photography)

I arrived in London in 2012 and after having moved from one dump to another, I have finally settled for a nice place in Greenwich where I started running seriously in the summer of 2015.

In this blog, I’ll speak about my daily life as a runner and about my races, I’ll review some books and some running gear, maybe I’ll even babble on running technique, training and things that work or don’t work for me, knowing that staying injury-free is a priority for me.

I’ll try and be regular, I’ll try not to be too boring and I will most certainly mention some people who have a place in my running life:

Lanky Pole: The lively, tall and skinny Polish guy who made me run. Olympian aspirant and my inspiration when it comes to running. Also my best mate this side of the English Channel. You can read his blog: Running Free.

Quiet Roman: Running geek and shoe nerd. He’s the one who recommended “Born to run”, now my bible, and he’s my go-to person when I need to choose my next pair of shoes.

Grumpy Grampy: He isn’t that old, but he’s that grumpy, trust me. Militant cyclist since before he came to the UK from São Paulo, he recently decided to start running to lose some belly. He’s in love with Pencil Witch and it seems mutual. She has a beautiful website where you can see her drawings.

Draculito: The super nice hipster vampire. Always bringing up new things to do, be it a hike in New Forest, a ski trip to his native Transylvania, or an evening in a hip theatre. He’s also Yoga Girl‘s companion in life.

Wonder Woman & Superman: Awesome couple from awesome Galicia. She skis like a super-hero and has got at least 4 PhDs. He’s as strong as a bull and is a genius developer.

Brainy Owl: The woman with whom I shared six years of my life. Speaks 5+ human languages and is learning a bunch of computer languages. Runs, cycles and swims but is not a triathlete.

Mad Cook: a very good friend who stayed in France. She runs like she cooks: really really well, but too much.

Jack of all trades: An old brother in arms. He’s the one I was running with when I used to hate running. His mere presence made it bearable.

Music Daddy: From drinking buddy to daddy of two. And now a runner. I’m telling you, his life is going downhill…

Lanky Frog: One of my oldest friends. He’s been tall and thin for a long time but he’s now trying to beef up, giving me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be better than him at running.

And potentially you! If you race the same days as I do, I’ll rant about this annoying dude in the first curve or I’ll mock this gal’s ridiculous outfit, with a little luck it’s going to be you. Lucky you! I usually announce upcoming races here (under the ads in the sidebar) and on social buzz buzz thingies, so stay tuned.

Enjoy this blog!

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Banner: photo by Davide d’Amico