More fun photos of the London marathon 2016! If you missed the first part, go check it, there are some fun pics as well! Before I show you more pics, here are more results from the London Marathon 2016 with some celebrities:

  • Major Tim Peake: 3 hours 35 minutes and 21 seconds. The British astronaut currently in a mission on board the International Space Station ran the London marathon on his space treadmill while following the event on the telly, read his blog post on this topic.
  • Natalie Dormer: 3 hours 51 minutes and 23 seconds. Yes, Margaery Tyrell (I know you know Game of Thrones) is a runner, and quite a decent one with that.

To continue with my series of photos, here are some lovely couples:

London Marathon 2016 - Couples

London Marathon 2016 – Couples
Adam & Eve – Thomas the train
The hare and the tortoise – A camel

There were lots of animals too:

London Marathon 2016- Animals

London Marathon 2016 – Animals
A dinosaur – A hedgehog – A rhinoceros
Another dinosaur – Tony the tiger – A rabbit
A donkey? – A monkey – A leopard

There was also a strong contingent of super heroes:

London Marathon 2016 - Superheroes

London Marathon 2016 – Superheroes
Ironman – The Green Giant – Batgirl
Venom – A Ghostbuster – Spiderman
Batman and Robin – The Flash – Just a superhero

Tim Peake wasn’t the only space man too:

London Marathon 2016 - Spacemen

London Marathon 2016 – Spacemen
A brawny tatooed princess Leia – An astronaut – Chewbacca

And some people didn’t follow a theme:

London Marathon 2016 - Various costumes

London Marathon 2016 – Various costumes
A Smurf – A shoe – A tap
Gandalf and Frodo – A good beer – Big Ben
Spongebob Squarepants – A Roman – Woody

Some other didn’t follow a theme or even an idea and were just completely WTF:

London Marathon 2016 - WTF runners

London Marathon 2016 – WTF runners

And my 2 favourites, a dude in a sharp suit with a nice hat, and Karaoke Man who ran the 42.195 km while singing!

London Marathon 2016 - My Favourite runners

London Marathon 2016 – My Favourite runners
A sharp suit – Karaoke man

Hopefully I’ll be one of these guys next year (maybe not in a fancy costume).