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Report: London Marathon 2016 (part 1)

No, I didn’t run the London Marathon last Sunday. Maybe next year, we’ll see. But considering I live so close to the route, I had to go and have a look, and what a sight! I didn’t regret standing in the cold for that couple of hours: the atmosphere was really warm and fun. The public (me included) was cheering for every runner, some in a very funny way, the runners were still enjoying their run (I was just before the 6th mile) and were really fun to watch, especially the ones in fancy costumes.

The race started with the disabled, we first saw the wheelchairs whizzing past us, shortly followed by the blinds and their guides. You have to admire the courage of the runner and the selflessness of the guide.

London Marathon 2016 Blinds & Wheelchairs

London Marathon 2016
A blind marathon runner and his guide
2 wheelchair marathon runners

A while after, we saw the Elite runners. The ladies came first and they were so fast that I didn’t have the time to have my camera ready when the pack passed. I wasn’t at the finish line, but Kenyan runner Jemima Sumgong arrived first in only 2 hours 22 minutes and 58 seconds despite a bad fall, that’s seven minutes slower than Paula‘s record on the same race but it’s still massively impressive (especially when you see her running for real). I managed to be ready for the men and I saw a glimpse of Dennis Kimetto, the current world-record holder. Unfortunately he didn’t win and finished 9th, more than seven minutes after Eliud Kipchoge who finished first in 2 hours 3 minutes and 5 seconds and won this marathon for the second consecutive year.

London Marathon 2016 - Elite runners

London Marathon 2016 – Elite runners
Kasia Kowalska [POL] and a pacer
Dennis Kimetto [KEN], Stanley Biwott [KEN], Ghirmay Ghebreslassie [ERI], Eliud Kipchoge [KEN], Wilson Kipsang [KEN] and few pacers

 After that, it was all fun! But very quickly I could see recurring themes. For example, there were a lot of running flowers (and I couldn’t take them all):

London Marathon 2016 - Flowers

London Marathon 2016 – Flowers

There were also a lot of soldiers, boy scouts, pilots, and other military related costumes:

London Marathon 2016 - Soldiers

London Marathon 2016 – Soldiers

An easy and obvious one was the wig, coming in all colours, shapes and forms:

London Marathon 2016 - Wigs

London Marathon 2016 – Wigs

But the most popular was undoubtedly the tutu:

London Marathon 2016 - Tutus

London Marathon 2016 – Tutus

It was also quite often mixed with some of the above. I love the soldier wearing a pink tutu:

London Marathon 2016 - More tutus A dude overdoing it - A soldier with a tutu - Wig and tutu combo

London Marathon 2016 – More tutus
A dude overdoing it – A soldier with a tutu – Wig and tutu combo

Stay tuned for more costumes during this 2016 edition of the London Marathon!


  1. Just pop up to say that I m reading 🙂 What about the dinosaurs?

    • French Bloke Runs

      26 April 2016 at 12:35

      Thanks for reading, that makes me happy! Dinosaurs will come in part 2, be patient 🙂

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