The issue

I will guess that you’re like me. I have several friends who run and each of these bastards use a different running app, which is a real pain in the neck because I can’t run with five different apps at the same time. For example, I have an Endomondo account just to follow a couple of old friends in France and to participate in UKRunChat‘s challenges. Besides, I used to tracks my runs with Runkeeper where I have other old friends, then switched to Strava where I have newer friend.  Then I switched again to Garmin since I bought my Forerunner 225 but I still use Runkeeper when I rollerblade to work. So I needed to have all my activities on all these apps.

That fragmentation of the data and of the people is a real shame, because the social aspect of these apps is a great source of motivation (more about that in a future post). Also, each app shows the data in a different way, and it’s pretty cool to see the same activity from different angles. So I had a real need for synchronisation of all my data.

The choice

I found several ways of doing this:

  • Specific connectors between 2 platforms (e.g. TomTom has a connector to Runkeeper). This solution works if you have only 2 apps, but if you have 4 or 5 apps to synchronise, it becomes really messy and you’ll end up with some runs synchronised twice. Besides, some connectors simply don’t exist.
  • CopyMySport: I never managed to get this one working, so I concluded it is shit. Next!
  • SyncMyTracks: Really cool looking Android app, it even has a Runtastic connector, which is rare. But I couldn’t test the sync before buying it, so I didn’t test it. Also, this wouldn’t help iPhone owners. Who knows, I may try it in the future.
  • Tapiriik: My app of choice for synchronisation!
Tapiriik running sync

Tapiriik running sync – Original photo by Maurizio Pesce


I like lists and bullet points, so here’s the list of the “pros”:

  • Really easy to use and to connect your apps.
  • Has connectors for all my apps and even more (the guy who developed it is probably more of a bike nut than a runner).
  • Totally free for manual synchronisations and without any limitation with regards to the number of activities to synchronise, or the number of apps you want to synchronise.
  • Synchronisation is done server side and is automatic if you go for the paid version, so you don’t have to remember to sync after each run.

And for the “cons”, they all derive from the fact that it looks like Tapiriik is made by a lone developer in his garage:

  • No connector for Runtastic, TomTom, FitBit, Polar, Suunto, Nike+, and probably a bunch of other apps.
  • This app is rarely maintained, so if there’s a new app, you probably won’t have the connector. And chances are, the apps listed above will never have a connector either.
  • If the server is down, it can take a long time to come up again. The synchronisation may not happen for up to a couple of days, because the guy is on his own to support it.
  • A little bit annoying: my rollerblade activities tracked on Runkeeper are synchronised as “ice skating” on Strava.

All in all, I think that Tapiriik is a very good solution. But if you have some experience with SyncMyTracks, please share!