You know that during the week, I usually run in the morning (that’s when I cross paths with other regulars). This means that since November, I’ve been running during night time three times a week. Although, I kinda like the eerie atmosphere and the uncanny feeling of owning the city, running in the dark becomes gruelling after 4 months.

Luckily, the Sun has finally decided to show up earlier since a couple of weeks, and I’ve been lucky enough to see some pretty awesome sunrises over the Thames. I love the atmosphere at this moment, seeing the sky lighting up is like seeing a face lighting up when someone sad gradually changes their frown into a smile. In some regards, they’re even better than sunsets because you feel privileged: the city is really peaceful and very few people get to see them. Besides, physics of the atmosphere make the temperature drop slightly before sunrise, so sunrises give you actual goosebumps!

Sunrise in London

Sunrise in London – Photo by Marcus Holland-Moritz

A strange side effect of the change in light is that the first couple of times, I did not recognise some of the places I’ve been running in for 4 months and I even missed a turn once! Actually, seeing a particular area during daytime helped me understand why I saw so many cats (and even a fox once!) in this place: this block is a dump! The bins are always half-spilt on the streets and the frontyards are never cleaned… Don’t worry, the rest of the Thames Path is great and I still love running it.

I would definitely not change my running habits from morning times to evening: not only am I privileged and I now get to see sunrises, but it also give me a dose of energy for the whole morning (admittedly, I sometimes doze off after lunch). Anyway, running in the evening makes it hard for me to get to sleep.